About us

About Us

Percival is an esteemed business strategist whose expertise bridges the corporate and creative realms, making him an invaluable resource for actors looking to navigate the business aspects of their careers. With advanced degrees in both Business Administration and Performing Arts, he is uniquely positioned to offer insightful guidance tailored to the needs of the performing arts community.

Before establishing The Acting Business blog, Percival worked extensively as a consultant for creative professionals and held leadership positions in various arts organizations. His approach combines practical business strategies with a deep understanding of the artistic temperament, aiming to empower actors to manage their careers as savvy entrepreneurs.

Mission and Editorial Focus

The Acting Business revolutionizes career management for actors by providing insights into personal branding, market positioning, and financial management. Our guidance helps actors approach their careers as business ventures, offering strategies for contract negotiations, network enhancement, and industry navigation.

We also provide marketing tips for effective self-promotion in the digital age, including social media and online branding. Additionally, we offer financial planning advice tailored to the unique challenges actors face, like managing irregular income and ensuring financial stability.

Why Read The Acting Business

Our blog serves as a vital resource for both seasoned actors and those new to the industry, offering guidance that is both accessible and actionable. Percival’s articles, guest posts from industry experts, and in-depth interviews provide a comprehensive look at the business side of acting, equipping our readers with the knowledge to make informed decisions and strategically advance their careers.

We encourage actors, industry professionals, and anyone interested in the business of acting to engage with our content and contribute their perspectives. If you have insights to share or topics you would like us to cover, please reach out to Percival at [email protected]. For general inquiries or further information, this is your go-to contact.

Join us at The Acting Business, where we help you secure your stage in the market through informed, strategic action. Whether you are building your brand or seeking to deepen your market knowledge, our blog is here to assist you every step of the way.